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Project description:

After the fall of the communism the most of the eastern capitals developed rapidly
into western metropoles. Now they are places with a lot of different places and people. Their centers are full of modern bars and thousands of tourist attractions. But meanwhile they forgot about some of their own inhabitants during this cultural change. These are the homeless, the poor, the elder and all the people which were not fast enough to follow this change into modernity. This old generation you may find sometimes in the centers or in front of the main station. But their places exist somewhere beside the main areas.
To tell the story of their cultural places I decided to capture very unique spots, like the old funfair on the Holesovice Exhibition Ground in Prague or an park for chess players in Bucharest. These places are like frozen in time and probably won’t exist in some years anymore. The whole documentary project is an collaboration with the Department of Art Education at the Charles University in Prague and the romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

The whole project you can see under this LInk:     EASTERN SIDEWALKS